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TEFL Iberia is a modern English teacher training school in Barcelona, Spain. We provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere where you can learn to teach English in small groups.

Our TEFL courses are practical, professional, and affordable and help students from all over the world to become first-class English teachers. Here are some of the key reasons why previous graduates chose to study with us:

There are many routes available for students of all schedules and lifestyles. Learn more about our TEFL courses in Barcelona.


Barcelona, the capital of Catalunya (or Catalonia to English speakers), is the economic and cultural powerhouse of northern Spain and home to over 3 million residents.

Nicely situated between the Pyrenees mountain range and the Mediterranean, just 150 km from southern France, Barcelona has a lot going for it. You can lose yourself in the vibrant city centre, get away from it all in the stunning mountain scenery or soak up the sun on over 4km of city beach – or one of the many quieter beaches along the coast close to the city.

Barcelona is especially famous for its beaches, Catalan culture, Gaudi buildings, gastronomic scene – and its limitless festivals and nightlife.

Teaching English in Barcelona:

Barcelona’s fun but it also has unparalleled opportunities for English teachers. The Catalan population are ‘English conscientious’ and English-speaking abilities are highly regarded and sought-after. Many companies have English as a standard requirement for job entry.

This means English schools and teachers are in constant demand. So Barcelona is home to over one hundred language academies and schools, which all employ several teachers throughout the year, doing a mixture of courses for people of all ages – including specialist English courses for business and commerce.

The TEFL Jobs Market:

Spain has had a hard time of it recently but the Spanish economy is now the fastest growing large economy in Europe and the teaching job market in Spain is still exceptionally buoyant because English is a highly sought after skill, which many Spanish people require in their jobs.

Being able to speak English opens up lots of opportunities and as such Spanish people invest heavily in English learning.

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Trinity CertTESOL Spain
Trinity CertTESOL Spain
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