Trinity CertTESOL Spain

Admission Requirements and Application Procedures for Trinity CertTESOL Courses

If you would like to apply to do the Trinity Cert TESOL with one of the course providers in Spain, you’ll have to complete an application form and indicate that you meet the minimum requirements to do the training course. So, what are the minimum requirements?

Age Requirements

Age-wise, you’ll be glad to hear that there is no maximum age limit, though the minimum age required to do a Trinity CertTESOL preparation course is 18.

Academic Requirements

It is NOT necessary to have a university/college degree to do the course, but you do need to have the academic skills to handle the course.

Level of English

Although it is NOT necessary to be a native speaker of English, you do need a high level of English (at least C1 level).

Personality Traits

You need to be motivated to learn and to teach. You have to be able to cope with the demands of the course. You need to be physically healthy and be up to the demands of travelling to the training centre, completing the course of training and living near the training centre for the duration of the course. You need good interpersonal and organizational skills and you must be wiling to work as a member of your training group. You must also ve able to respond in a positive way to constructive feedback.

Teaching Experience

It is not necessary to have any previous teaching experience.

Pre-Course Interview

You will have to do a pre-course interview and, prior to the interview, you will have a pre-interview task. The pre-course interview is an opportunity for the course provider to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for the course, that you have the aptitude to become a successful teacher and that you are likely to complete the course successfully. All Trinity CertTESOL course providers have to make sure that each trainee meets these requirements.

Pre-Course Task

Once you have been accepted on a course, the course provider will provide you with a pre-course task which will help you prepare for the course itself.

If you feel you can these requirements, just contact these course providers and take the first step towards starting or advancing your teacher career.


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