Trinity CertTESOL Spain

Unit 5: Unknown Language


During the course you will attend four 1-hour teaching sessions in an unknown language.

You will be required to complete a reflective journal to evaluate these language lessons.

The aim of this part of the course is to consider the experience of learning an unknown language and how that may impact on your teaching of English.

Additionally, you are likely to pick up a range of strategies from these sessions that you can apply to your own teaching of low level learners.

You will be assessed through successful completion of a reflective journal consisting of an evaluation of each of the 4 unknown language lessons. For each session you will be given a different theme to focus on in your evaluation.


1. Reflection on L2 Learning Experiences
2. Language Classes
3. Post-Lesson Reflections
4. Preparation and Completion of the Unknown Language Journal

Assessment of Unit 5

  • A journal covering trainees’ reflective comments on four hours’ tuition in an unknown language from the point of view of the beginner, including an analysis of the key aspects of methods and classroom management that affect the learner

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