Trinity CertTESOL Spain

Unit 4: Materials Assignment


In order to successfully complete the materials assignment, you will reflect on and evaluate a teaching resource that you used during your assessed teaching practice.

You will produce a written rationale and evaluation of the material which will provide the basis for the assessment interview with an external moderator from Trinity College London.

You will be expected to spend time outside the timetabled hours of the course completing the materials assignment.

During the course you will be given guidance on the required content for the Materials Assignment and you will be given the opportunity to prepare for the assessment interview.

The external moderator visit will be scheduled for the last week of the course after all the input sessions have been completed.


1. Input sessions
2. Preparation for the Materials Assignment – Guided Study
3. Planning for the Materials Assignment & Moderation Practice
4. Individual interview with the moderator for each trainee

Assessment of Unit 4

  • Written rationale for the development of one piece of teaching material
  • Written evaluation of use of this in classroom teaching
  • Interview with a Trinity moderator to discuss the above and the ways in which materials development is beneficial to the development of teaching skills

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