Trinity CertTESOL Spain

Unit 3: Learner Profile


For Unit 3, you will be working with an individual learner in order to complete the Learner Profile. You will need to interview this learner and, following an analysis of their needs and motivation, deliver a one-to-one class and develop a short course of study to help them with their language skills.

As part of the profile, you will draw up a detailed analysis of the learner’s language abilities, including phonological features of the learner’s oral English. Using this information, you will then design and give a suitable 45-minute, one-to-one lesson, and finally, you will draw up a set of suggestions for future study.

Trainees will be expected to spend time outside the timetabled hours of the course completing the Learner Profile.


1. Input sessions
2. Planning & Preparation of Interviews for the Learner Profile
3. Interviewing the learner
4. Preparation for 1:1 Teaching
5. Teaching the Learner
6. Preparation and Completion of the Learner Profile

Assessment of Unit 3

  • The preparation of a simple linguistic profile and needs analysis, including some basic phoneme transcription, of a single learner
  • The planning of, and reflection on, a one-to-one lesson
  • The preparation of recommendations for the learner’s future development

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