Trinity CertTESOL Spain

Unit 2: Language Awareness


Unit 2 makes up over 20% of the course content and includes the key grammar, language and structure input that will be vital for you to learn and use on the course and in your future career as a teacher of English.

While you will have done considerable work relating to this unit during the pre-course assignment, the course will provide specific class teaching sessions on grammar, vocabulary, and phonology.

The relevant input sessions will not only be dedicated to the analysis and teaching of these key areas but will be presented in such a way as to provide suggestions for strategies and techniques you might employ in your own teaching.

In addition to the input sessions, the course tutors will provide guidance on how to teach grammar, lexis and phonology during teaching practice feedback.

In order to pass Unit 2, you will be given a written Language Awareness Test towards the end of the course to evaluate your knowledge of the areas required for Unit 2. You will need to achieve a score of at least 60% in the test to pass this unit.


1. Pre-course Assignment
2. Input Sessions
3. Guided Study Sessions
4. Language Awareness and Skills Test

Assessment of Unit 2

  • An end-of-course test (grammar, lexis and phonology)
  • Ongoing use of spoken and written English

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