Trinity CertTESOL Spain

Unit 1: Teaching Skills


Unit 1 comprises over 50% of the course’s content and is the most important component of the Trinity Cert TESOL course.

It consists of three assessed sections (teaching practice sessions, class observations and a teaching practice portfolio), each of which receives an individual grade.

Teaching Practice Sessions

During the course you will complete teaching practice sessions totalling 6 hours of observed teaching practice. You will teach at two different levels and will try out a variety of lesson types.Tutors will help you prepare your lessons, though levels of support will ease off as the course progresses. After the lessons, you will have a feedback meeting with your observer and peer teachers on the session. For every teaching practice session you will need to have the following paperwork:

  • a detailed lesson plan including your teaching resources (using the lesson plan pro forma)
  • a reflective analysis and self-evaluation of your teaching practice
  • a signed assessment sheet from your observer

Verbal feedback will take place on the same day as your session. All individual lessons you teach will receive a tutor grade.

Class Observations

In addition to the teaching practice, you will also complete 4 hours of observation of ESOL classes taught by experienced teachers.

The first of these will be a recorded observation. You will later watch a teacher give a class to the learners who you will subsequently be teaching. Finally, there are two other live observations of experienced teachers.

The aim of these observations is not only to give you a chance to see an experienced practitioner at work and pick up some techniques, but also to give you an opportunity to consider the reasons for and implications of certain classroom practice.

To this end, you will complete a form for each of the observations. These will focus on a different aspect of each lesson observed.

Teaching Practice Portfolio

This will contain all the documentation for the Teaching Practice component of Unit 1 as outlined above.

You will also need to write a post-Teaching Practice summary in which you reflect upon your Teaching Practice experience and the areas you still need to work on.


1. Input Sessions
2. Guided Observations of Classes Given by Experienced Teachers
3. Observation Journal Entries (Independent Study)
4. Lesson Plan Preparation (Independent Study)
5. Observed Teaching Practice
6. Teaching Practice Feedback
7. Preparation and Completion of Teaching Practice Portfolio (Guided Study)
8. Mid-Course Tutorial

Assessment of Unit 1

  • Tutors’ evaluation of six hours of teaching with real learners
  • A journal including trainees’ own lesson plans, with self- and tutor-evaluation
  • A journal covering trainees’ reflective comments following observation of four hours of ESOL teaching by experienced teachers

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